Continuing Education Workshops in Taos, NM


Offering a variety of continuing education for Yoga Teachers and Massage Therapists.


Descriptions of upcoming workshops and location are provided below.


Dr. Kirstie is approved for continuing education for massage therapists in New Mexico and by Yoga Alliance.




Live Courses 2018


Healing Mama and Baby: A Trauma Sensitive Approach to Cranial Sacral Therapy with instructors Lee "Ganesh Veal, DC, Kirstie Segarra, PhD and Madrona Bourdeau, CPM Retired,  May 28-June 3rd, 2018


This course is designed to trained licensed professionals who are interested in augmenting their skills with a specialized approach to treating mamas and babies pre and post-partum in the field of cranial sacral therapy. The course will cover embryology that is inclusive of spiritual development, a cranial sacral approach rooted in osteopathy and fascial balancing, a multi-generational approach to healing inherited trauma, PTSD and transference to baby. The first four days of the workshop will focus on gaining the knowledge and hands on skills to work with clients and babies. The last two days will be a clinic training format where the instructors will demonstrate on clients in the mornings and students will practice in the afternoons.


This course has been taught in segments over the several years by the instructors and will be presented in the week long format in 2018.


Learning Objectives:

1. History of Cranial Sacral and Fascial Balancing Approach to treatment.

2. Impact of a spiritual embryological understanding to treatment.

3. Practicing wholistic treatment with precision of touch from practitioner neutral.

4. Practitioner is able to actively listen and distinguish the story Mama and Babies experience of birthing.


Student Learn Outcomes:

1. Student demonstrates the ability to hold space and listen to the clients.

2. Student demonstrates strong understanding of the cranial sacral anatomy.

3. Student demonstrates knowledge and skills in practicum and with clients in clinic.


This course is 42 contact hours (NCBTMB) off training over 6 days. Cost is $750. To registered contact Santa Fe School of Massage, you can register on-line at  www.santafeschoolofmassage.com or call 505-982-8398 e-mail info@sfsom.com.


For detail questions on curriculum please contact Dr. Kirstie at kirstie@taosnet.com.


Course will be located at TaoSatva, #2 Upper Colonias Road, El Prado, New Mexico. Just North of Taos toward the Gorge Bridge on Highway 64.



Dissection Training with Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D. TBA June/July 2018

Dr. Segarra will be leading a small group in a specific dissection at the Institute for Anatomical Research in Colorado Springs for a 3 to 4 day training. Details are currently being worked out.  Will announce soon. This class size will be limited.




Breathing and Walking Continuing Education with Mary Bond August 4-6, 2017


It was a blast hosting Mary this last August here in Taos. I encourage you to check her website out for her other classes.


This workshop is designed for Structural Integration practitioners and other somatic movement professionals to gain body-reading confidence, skill in verbal cuing, and success in facilitating transformative body awareness, and in creating practical movement solutions for clients. Topics include:

• Movement explorations designed to deepen awareness of our selves as “fascial bodies.”

• Posture and movement as products of perceptual orientation.


Biomechanical and functional relationships that link breathing and walking.

• Movement interventions and self-care practices that restore articulation to the spine, ease to breathing, and grace to gait.


It has been my experience that people who understand and respect their bodies tend to have an open and compassionate perspective on life. My mission, as a writer, teacher and Rolfer, is to help people further that understanding and respect. I believe that becoming more attuned to our physical experience affects the choices we make in relation to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, our environment and to our planet. My mission, then, is to contribute to humanity’s deeper embodiment.

— Mary


More information at http://healyourposture.com.


Deconstructing Asana Series Completed in 2017 future dates TBA

This course is designed as Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers who need CEUs for Yoga Alliance. Deconstructing Asana is an advanced understanding of the anatomical structures and how it impacts asana.  This course will be taught in several sections with each segment focusing on major joints and anatomical structures of the body. As a result of further inquiry into how our bodies move, as a result of our structure, we will discover how to modify for asana to stay true to our anatomical form. This will be a series where we deconstruct the anatomy of asana and how to modify yoga poses for specific injuries and structural issues in the client. If you haven’t been exposed to concepts in fascial work, be prepared to have your mind opened up to a new way a looking and revealing asana.  The courses are  offered in four segments once month.


Kirstie has been practicing since 1996 and incorporates her background in structural integration, cranial sacral therapy and integrative medicine. She combines the use of eastern energy medicine, cranial rhythms and the fascial body into her approach to freeing up and exploring our somatic and kinesthetic awareness.


Each course is 4 CEUs. Course Instructor: Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D. LMT RMTI ERYT.The cost of each course is: $25.


I.  Deconstructing Asana: Pelvis & Lower Back I on Saturday, July 9th 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Santosha Yoga

The first segment will focus on the pelvis and as it relates to establishing a balanced base for the spine. We will explore how to manage scoliosis, general low back pain, hyper-mobility and how stabilize and align the sacrum to pelvis.


II.  Deconstructing Asana: Pelvis & Lower Back II  on Saturday, August 20th 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Santosha Yoga

The second segment will further the understanding developed in the first class and how it applies to advance sequencing.


III.  Deconstructing Asana: Upper Back, Arms and Breath on September 17th 1:00 to 5:00 pm at TaoSatva

 This segment will focus on opening the upper back, relationship to arms and shoulder girdle and the dynamics of the breath. Special emphasis will be placed on the accessory muscles to breathing, the impacts of various Pranayama techniques on our thoracic cavity and how to develop a vital and full breath practice.


IV.  Deconstructing Asana: Neck and Head on November 12th, 2016 1:00 to 5:00 pm at TaoSatva

 This segment will focus on the cervical spine and how to incorporate cranial rhythms in an asana practice. Students will be shown some basic cranial sacral therapy techniques they can practice on each other and use with their yoga therapy clients.


VI.  Deconstructing Asana: Lower Limbs on January7th, 2017 1:00 to 5:00 pm at TaoSatva

 The last of the anatomy classes of the Deconstructing Asana series. Arguably could have been first as the feet play a vital role in our relationship to the earth and setting up a grounded practice. This segment will focus on the lower limbs–thighs, knees, legs, ankles and feet.


VII.  Deconstructing Asana: Embryology, Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Therapy April 8, 2017 1:00 to 5:00 pm at TaoSatva

In continuation of our understanding and ground built in VII, we will explore modifications of asana for prenatal yoga for I, II & III trimesters. Then we will address how to heal from giving birth through yoga therapy.


Other Live Courses

Fascial Health & Fitness, TBA at  UNM-Taos

An emerging understanding of how to target the fascia in how we design fitness training, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle changes to manage our health. The fascia has inherently been left out of the picture in our deeper understanding in how the body works. When we include the fascia in how we approach these varied disciplines, the changes we make invite long lasting changes that profoundly change our health. Fascial Health is an integrative health and systems theory approach to managing our health.


The course is 16 CEUs. Course Instructor: Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D. LMT RMTI ERYT.

Cost: $103 and the course is available at taos.unm.edu.


Advanced Myofascial Release Techniques on Opening the Breath, Rib Cage and Thorax  Taught Fall 2017 at UNM-Taos

This course is 16 CEUs as required by the State of New Mexico for licensure renewal.


Advanced Myofascial Release Techniques on the Pelvis,  TBA at UNM-Taos

This course is 16 CEUs as required by the State of New Mexico for licensure renewal. This course will give the practicing massage therapist advanced skills in assessing the pelvis and how to treat dysfunctions of the pelvis and invite the pelvis to a balance state.


The course is 16 CEUs. Course Instructor: Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D.LMT RMTI ERYT.

Cost: $103 at UNM-Taos


Myofascial Yoga™ & the Psychology of Chakras  Fall 2017 UNM-Taos

This 16 week course dives into exploring Jungian Psychology, Bioenergetics, the Chakras and Yogic philosophy along with integration of Asana. It is a core class in the UNM-Taos Yoga Teacher Training Program. To register go to taos.unm.edu.


Myofascial Yoga™ & the Myofascial Body Spring 2017 at UNM-Taos


Learn the principles behind Myofascial Yoga and how to open the fascial body up through the myofascial meridians. This course will teach the main myofascial meridians using concepts from Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers. We will explore the use of myofascial meridians through asana and how teach Myofascial Yoga.


The course is 16 CEUs. Course Instructor: Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D.LMT RMTI ERYT.

Cost: $103 at UNM-Taos


Prenatal Yoga & Massage TBA at UNM-Taos

The intent is to break down the myths of fears around working with pregnant and postpartum clients. This course covers embryology, contraindications and special concerns of working with pregnant clients in each trimester. An introduction to appropriate asana and how to modify with props for pregnant clients. With the massage I demonstrate how to incorporate structural integration techniques, cranial therapy for infants and open the eyes to a midwifery approach to birth.


The course is 16 CEUs. Course Instructor: Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D. LMT RMTI ERYT.

Cost: Registration for a one credit course and $25 lab fee with UNM-Taos.


Introduction to Balinese Traditional Massage TBA at UNM-Taos

This course introduces the practitioner to an anthropological perspective of Balinese culture and how the healing arts arise. We study Jero Tapakan’s, a traditional healers, approach to healing. We learn the full sequence of visceral massage.


The course is 16 CEUs. Course Instructor: Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D. LMT RMTI ERYT.

Cost: Registration for a one credit course and $25 lab fee with UNM-Taos.