Yoga Schedule

(Beginning September 13th, 2016)


Tuesdays 9:00 to 10:15 am at TaoSatva (cost is $10 cash or check only).


More classes to be offered in the form of workshops (TBA). See Courses for 16 week format and 4 hour workshops.






I am a structural yoga therapist and place an emphasis on creating a safe environment for prevention and for those interested in healing from injuries. My classes are taught with a combination of longer holds to affect the Myofascial tissues to dynamic postures to affect the nervous system. I draw on my experience and knowledge of the human body as a Structural Integrator, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and as an instructor of anatomy and physiology.


I taught for 9 years through Santosha Yoga and continue to teach classes through UNM-Taos.


What you can expect in my classes:


  • We start on time.
  • Every class offers new sequencing to target a variety of areas in the body.
  • I draw on Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, Functional Anatomy, Feldenkrais and a sense of humor.
  • Baby-Steps (teaching how to build a strong core practice with an emphasis in somatic awareness).
  • Individual attention.
  • We use props, blankets, straps and bolsters (Props are provided, along with mats).


I am passionate about structural yoga therapy and bring 20 plus years of experience in my role as a yoga teacher.


I am available for privates in my practice. I offer workshops for a deeper understanding of the practice under my course listings.


In addition to teaching yoga, I train apprentices in structural yoga therapy through a specialized program that was developed while teaching at Santosha Yoga. It is an honor to serves these women. All the courses are continuing education for yoga teachers and massage therapists in New Mexico. See Deconstructing Asana under the course listings.